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The interim International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS) was launched in 2012 with the aim of winning a better world.

IOPS is, currently, in an interim stage, leading up to a founding convention when the membership will determine the organization's definition in more detail.

Please watch our introductory video, scroll through our slideshow and learn more About IOPS.


IOPS seeks to win a new participatory society based on solidarity, equity/justice, diversity, self-management, and ecological stewardship, through:

  • flexibly exploring and adovcating long term vision
  • planting the seeds of the future in the present
  • empowering and improving the lives of its members
  • organising in an internally classless and self-managing way
  • winning changes in society that improve the lives of people in the present

Read the IOPS Mission Statement


IOPS flexibly explores and organises around a broad vision of a future society. IOPS Vision centrally addresses:

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Culture/Race
  • Kinship/Gender
  • Ecology
  • International Relations

Read the IOPS Vision Statement


In order to give every member a proportional say in the decisions that affect them (self-management), IOPS is organised around a bottom-up structure, based on a federation of interconnected local, regional and national branches.

Local chapters have control over decisions that only affect them and proportional say in regional, national and international issues.

Read the IOPS Structure and Programme Statement.


Currently, IOPS is in a creation stage. By joining now, you become an interim member. A convention, or series of conventions, will be planned, for membership to determine the organization's definition in more detail.

IOPS is open for anyone wishing to join who shares the commitments in the organizational description and agrees to actively participate in the life of the organization. If you have any questions before joining, please see:

To become an interim member, Join IOPS.

Founding Convention Targets

Targets to meet by 12th June 2014 in order to hold a founding convention.

Target = 3,500
Current = 3,546 - Target met


Target = 20
Current = 6

Latest Blogs

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  I thought this lecture would be an interresting thing to share. Say about RBE or the ZGM what you want, I see some elements (participatory planning and distrubution according to need) of Parecon in it. On the other hand this sounds more…

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    NSA and FBI: Their Bite is Worse than their Bark   by Richard Greeman   Glenn Greenwald’s discovery that the FBI and other U.S. secret police agencies are now using the Internet to play the same ‘dirty tricks’…

Fanfare for the Future

Fanfare for the Future is a three volume set, Occupy Theory by Michael Albert and Mandisi Majavu, Occupy Vision by Michael Albert and Mark Evans, and Occupy Strategy by Michael Albert, David Marty, and Jessica Azulay.

Below is a link to a page with information about the books, and links to buy ebook and print versions.  

Fanfare means to be a self contained presentation of theory, vision, and strategy relevant for IOPS organizing. The authors hope all IOPS members will weigh in with their critical evaluations and, we hope, elaborate the ideas and their implications.

Fanfare for the Future Page

An Open Letter to join IOPS

An open letter signed by the ICC, including John Pilger, Vandana Shiva, Noam Chomsky and more..

An Open Message to All Who Seek A New and Better World

make a donation

While IOPS is in an interim stage, please consider making a one time donation to help pay towards the costs of hosting, maintenance, and ongoing feature innovations of the website. Note that one time donations will eventually be replaced by membership dues. If one time donations exceed the above mentioned costs, funds will be saved for future use!

Newest Chapters

Vasant Kunj

New Delhi (NCR/NCT), India

Founded: 18th Apr 2014

Kreisfreie Stadt Augsburg

Bavaria, Germany

Founded: 17th Apr 2014


Surrey, England

Founded: 15th Apr 2014


Alsace, France

Founded: 13th Apr 2014

Newest Projects

The universal exchange unit

Something like Prolegomena but shorter The history of money is well described in various sources some of which are published online. Before writing down this few lines we have checked only the wikipedia…

Translation of IOPS web pages in Bulgarian

Translation of iops web pages in Bulgarian. Despite I'm living in Belgium my mother tongue is Bulagrian. Please send me a message if you want to participate in the translation. About 5% of the work is…

Creating New IOPS Forums

I feel like the forums here aren't very good or conducive to much conversation, they're not very attractive and they're hard to find. These things all together I think may stifle potential members who…

Online ACTIVE Reading Club

Hi all, As the title tells, I 'd like to start establishing an IOPS online reading club. Anyone interested in this project can join :) The main outlines of the project: 1- we'll suggest a book to read…

IOPS Newsletters

Newsletters are sent out to IOPS members periodically. If you have any content or suggestions of what to include in a newsletter, please send to: newsletter@iopsociety.org

Participatory Economics

Many members of IOPS go beyond its definitions to favor, as well, an economic vision called Participatory Economics, among other committments. For your entertainment, here is a brief "video" about some of parecon's features....

Parecon Hip-Hop Primer for the 99%

IOPS Social Network Links

Follow IOPS on:

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Please bear in mind that, although IOPS realizes the utility of social networking services we are critical of the corporate background of these websites.

Working IOPS Chapters

Are you in a working IOPS Chapter?

A working chapter is defined as having at least 5 members, of which at least 30% are women, and the chapter is active (i.e holds regular meetings, has rules and procedures, etc). Our goal is to reach 20 working chapters by 12th June 2014, in order to have a founding convention. If you are in an IOPS chapter that meets the above conditions, please let us know by sending an email to info@iopsociety.org and we will add you to the running list below.

List of IOPS Working Chapters:

1. Salem, Oregon, USA
2. Victoria, Australia
3. Missoula, Montana, USA
4. Seattle, Washington, USA
5. Vienna, Austria
6. New York City, New York, United States

Upcoming Events

IOPS-NYC Meeting April 20th @ 6pm @ the Base

APR 18

Friday, 22:00 - Apr 20 Sunday, 18:00

113 Stockholm St @ Myrtle, Brooklyn NY. Near the Central Ave. M station

Occupy the BBC: March against mainstream media

APR 19

Saturday, 13:00 - 15:00


Reclaim the Power April Gathering: Tottenham, London

APR 26

Saturday, 10:45 - Apr 27 Sunday, 17:00

263 High Road, Seven Sisters, London, N15 4RR


Power and Resistance


Thursday, 16:00 - May 2 Friday, 20:00

Queen Mary's Mile End campus, ArtsOne Lecture Theatre (ground floor)


Non-Members Survey

We'd like to hear from you what you think of IOPS.  When you have read the Mission, Vision and Structure and Program documents please participate in a quick survey.

Latest Polls

Website Organisation poll

Closed end: 31 December 2013


1. Should we adopt facebook/youtube style likes and dislikes of comments?

Yes (50)
No (27)

Total: 77

How should we weed out bots on the website?

Google-style word-in-an-image (34)
Require them to write an introductionary message which is acknowledged as human-writen by a certified member (16)
Require them to send a message to an admin before they can be considered a member (16)
Other (11)

Total: 77

How should admins/webmasters for the website be chosen?

By a revocable delegate (35)
By being selected by other admins (10)
By a time limited (term) mandate (21)
Everyone should be able to make themselves admins without anyone's permission (9)

Total: 75


Backups should be available for download for everybody (53)
Backups should be the possession of admins only (22)

Total: 75

Total Number of Voters: 81

Final Run-off Poll for IOPS Founding Convention Preconditions

Closed end: 12 June 2013

After a poll with more options, and an assessment of the results of that by the ICC, we now have a final vote regarding preconditions…


1. Online Membership

a) at least 3,500 (which is 400 more than we now have) (521)
b) more than 5,000 (which is at least 2,000 more than we now have) (205)

Total: 726

2. Chapter Definition

a) at least 5 (524)
b) at least 9 (210)

Total: 734

3. Chapter Precondition

a) at least 20 (477)
b) at least 30 (236)

Total: 713

4. Gender Diversity Precondition

a) At least 30% female overall (441)
b) At least 45% female overall (266)

Total: 707

5. Chapter Gender Diversity Precondition

a) At least 30% female in each chapter. (505)
b) At least 40% female in each chapter (190)

Total: 695

6. National Diversity Precondition

a) At least 5 nation states (436)
b) More than 10 nation states (286)

Total: 722

7. Geographical Diversity Precondition

a) at least 3 continents (488)
b) at least 4 continents (212)

Total: 700

8. Time Frame

a) 1 year (424)
b) 20 months (293)

Total: 717

Total Number of Voters: 752

Interim Goals

A major discussion and exploration has started around the criteria that we need to meet in order to hold the IOPS Founding Convention. What goals should we set? how many members do we need to have? what level of activity? etc.

Related Blogs:

A forum has been setup specifically for this issue and we ask you to join in the discussion:


Interim Goals Forum >

Latest News

Second death from police raids in Tangier in two months, Migrants Rise Up

    News from No Borders Morocco Originally posted on December 5, 2013 by beatingborders Reposted here because it got no attention in the international news media.   The 4th of December was a day that will be remembered by many…

Report from Birmingham IOPS chapter meeting, Tuesday 5th February 2013

We were informed about a new book about the life of Michael Albert, it can be found on ibooks and is in Graphic/Comic form.  At the last meeting Tom was asked to enquire into possible venues to host the National Gathering in Birmingham.…

Report from Birmingham IOPS meeting - Thursday 11th January

We discussed our involvement in local campaigns - the save the NHS campaign in Walsall and the campaign against Council service cuts in Birmingham. We have been participating in these campaigns and also raising IOPS ideas within them. One member…

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What Comes Next?

what comes next?

Blogs about IOPS, how to develop at this time, next steps to take, strategies during the interim

Communications from the ICC:

Some Member Blogs

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