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Media and IOPS By ICC

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Posted on behalf of the IOPS interim consultative committee:

Of course the New York Times, Le Monde, the BBC, and on and on, are not going to run interviews with people in IOPS, run reports about it, run articles addressing it, etc. Not even hatchet jobs, much less objective, intelligent reports or assessment. That goes without saying. And there is nothing to be done about that other than to grow so large that there is no way even for the mainstream to ignore IOPS. Okay… that involves no new priority, just that we grow and we function well.

But, what about progressive media? Shouldn't feminist, and/or anti racist, and/or anti authoritarian, and/or anti capitalist and/or even just progressive media of all types see the effort to create IOPS as news worthy for both reporting and assessment?

So far the IOPS site is still only in English, though the organizational vision and description are in many languages, so a case can be made that non-English media might very reasonably wait. No issue there, for now, perhaps. But what about English outlets - in the U.S., the UK, Australia, South Africa, and many many other places?

IOPS is just getting started, to be sure. But of course that is when coverage is real news for readers, viewers, and listeners. Not after they are already relating. Maybe we are delusional, but we would expect to already see considerable coverage and discussion - if the media was relating to events and happenings as they occur, in light of potential interest of their readers, potential importance to their agendas, etc. Or we would hope for it, in any event.

But beyond hoping, maybe we can do a bit more. Maybe it isn't just up to them to find us. Maybe it is up to us to reach out to them. So - we should try that. Let's post comments on the many websites out there signing with "member of IOPS" whenever possible/relevant. Let's write blogs where we have access. Let's use social media, for those on it. Let's write letters to magazine, news periodicals, even organizations, seeking coverage, volunteering to arrange interviews, offering or even urging meetings, etc.
Complaining isn't the point. Let's make it easy for progressive media. Let's take IOPS to them.


The Interim International Consultative Committee of IOPS

Ezequiel Adamovsky - Argen
Michael Albert  - US
Stanley Aronowitz - US
Elaine Bernard - US/Can
Patrick Bond - S. Africa
Jason Chrysostomou - UK
Noam Chomsky - US
John Cronan - US
Ben Dangl - US
Denitsa Dimitrova - UK/Bul
Mark Evans - UK
Ann Ferguson - US
Bill Fletcher - US
Justin George - Aus
Eva Gollinger - Ven
David Graeber - US/UK
Andrej Gubacic - US/Balkans
David Harvey - US
Bruno Jantti - Fin
Antti Jauhiainen - Fin
Pat Korte - US
Yoann Le Guen - Wales
Mandisi Majavu - S. Africa
Yotam Marom - US
David Marty - Spain
Trever Ngwane - S Africa
Pablo Ortellado - Brazil
Harpreet Paul - UK
Cynthia Peters  - US
John Pilger - UK
Justin Podur - Canada
Vijay Prashad - US
Nikos Raptis - Greece
Paulo Rodriguez - Belgium
Anders Sandstrom - Swe
Boaventua Santos - Port
Lydia Sargent  - US
Steve Shalom  - US
Uruj Sheikh - US
Chris Spannos - US
Paul Street - US
Emma Tarver - US
Fernando Vegas - Ven
Marie Trigona - Argen
Chico Whitacker- Brazil
Gregory Wilpert   - US
Florian Zollmann - UK/Ger

Discussion 21 Comments

  • Will Henry Lapinel 20th Apr 2012

    For the US, I think that perhaps some well-known members should contact Democracy Now! to get some coverage (and perhaps an interview!)

    • Fabio Sallustro 23rd Apr 2012

      Great idea!

    • Will Henry Lapinel 23rd Apr 2012

      I sent a message to Democracy Now! about it, under "contact us" and category: story idea. Text below.

      The International Organization for Participatory Society (IOPS) launched last month, and already has 1,364 members, representing over 70 countries, including several well-known leftist writers and activists. The organization sprouted from an opinion poll taken on ZNet. See http://www.iopsociety.org for more information.

  • Anders Sandstrom 22nd Apr 2012

    Once the Swedish IOPS translation goes live within the next week or so my intention is to approach my contacts at some feminist, progressive, and syndicalist publications here in Sweden and suggest to them to write articles and/or make interviews about the IOPS project. Don’t know, of course to what extent I will be successful in this but if anyone internationally well-known member, especially if ones focus is on feminism but also in other spheres, is interested in answering some questions via mail about their relation to IOPS for Swedish publications like the ones above you are more than welcome to send me a message.

  • Ashim Jain 23rd Apr 2012

    Will try to contact some progressive media here in India - The Hindu (newspaper), Civil Society Magazine, Countercurrents.org. Am also attempting to contact senior social activist to request them to join - one has agreed. I like the fact that this is an int'l effort since that has a greater chance of succeeding -- after all, we are all connected in reality!

  • Eugenijus Misiunas 24th Apr 2012

    I did translate an article about Parecon to Lithuanian language after I attended meeting with Michael Albert few months ago in Dublin, Ireland.
    I am Lithuanian myself and I think , it is very good idea to introduce people in other countries in their own language. I`ll try to write in Lithuanian progressive media about IOPS.

  • Mark Stephenson 30th Apr 2012

    I had the good fortune to run into the author and activist, George Monbiot a few years ago. I believe he still writes for the Guardian so have emailed him asking to consider doing a piece in the Guardian. Nothing ventured...

  • Paulo Rodriguez 6th May 2012

    MO Magazine (http://www.mo.be )has received an email containing a personal intro regarding IOPS, a link to the Al Jazeera article from Mr. Schechter, and the Mission Statement, Vision and Program bits.
    If no response, I'll call them.

  • 7th May 2012

    That Al Jazeera article seems to have garnered some traction. I've reposted it on several facebook walls.

    I think the Monbiot/Guardian connection would be very good. He has a ZNet page.

    Also: Raoul Martinez posted a link and recommendation of IOPS on his Creating Freedom Facebook wall on Friday. 22 likes and 2 shares. Not bad.

    His project is:

  • 7th May 2012

    Oh, and I've encouraged people from the activist group Juntos in Brazil to begin writing a blog with news from there. They will start over the next few days or weeks. It should be bilingual English/Portuguese. They're doing good things.

    The May Day Occupy event was rained on and fizzled out, but the more substantial organisation of Juntos is continually growing.


  • Paulo Rodriguez 7th May 2012

    The Michigan-base musical collective Underground Resistance has been contacted with information on IOPS. If anyone in the Detroit area is willing to personally contact them, I believe this is a big opportunity to dramatically increase the cultural and racial diversity of the movement in the Michigan area.


  • Paulo Rodriguez 7th May 2012

    Underground Resistance has replied with the following:

    "Very interesting. I'd be curious to check out a meeting or some other kind of event to get a better sense of things. The ideas seem good, but to what end? Many of us say and do these things as it stands, so what more comes from this and how does it impact what's happening in the city (and other places, but I'm being specific because this is where I'm looking to have an impact)."

    If anyone from the Michigan chapter is reading this and would be willing to act on it, could you be so kind to do so?



    • 19th May 2012

      I'm not in Michigan, but if you haven't heard from anyone yet you should follow up yourself I think. Here's a suggestion for how to reply: "Think of it has a sustained coalition effort. Coalition because it can unite disparate efforts within the city in ways that might be beneficial, e.g. coordinated campaigns, trainings, community, support. Sustained because it's not focused on one small challenge, but on a long-term goal, which fosters longterm relationships, solidarity, and aid. Other benefits are that you can coordinate or learn from or teach regional or national or international projects too. Another benefit is that by building the organization you are practicing self-management in a federated way, which you won't be doing if you only focus on your individual projects/organization within the city." What do you think? Let me know if there is a reply. This is an important hesitancy for us to be able to respond to.

  • Paulo Rodriguez 19th May 2012

    Howdy John!

    I'm working on the reply as we speak. Nevertheless, being in Belgium, while I can convey the message you mentioned above, to convince them of our true intentions, we need consistent, weekly contacts with them, and a visible sustained effort they can look at.
    I'm at a disadvantage, since I mailed the whole Michigan membership without receiving a single reply

    Kind of dissapointing that people wouldn't jump at an opportunity to organise a group already receptive to our message, in their locale. Pity.

    We'll see what happens. :) Either way thanks for your suggestion, it's definitely on point!

  • Paulo Rodriguez 29th May 2012

    Reply to UR done, awaiting their answer!

  • Paulo Rodriguez 29th May 2012

    Call scheduled to MO Magazine tomorrow, since no reply has been received.

  • Paulo Rodriguez 29th May 2012

    I just realized that the influence scope of Underground Resistance might not be quite clear to most. So here goes:


  • Paulo Rodriguez 7th Jun 2012

    No reply from UR or MO I'm afraid.

  • Gregory VanGaya 26th Jun 2012

    I'm sorry to say, but I think it's a little delusional to expect major 'alternative' media to cover us at the this point. I think this because we represent no reactionary, event based news. We are not so much about critiquing what is, which seems to be the primary obsession of our current cultural mind. So I don't see how we are at all sexy enough to sell any story. We are a new meme (to piss of Brian Dominick for the use of a 'vague academic' word) with all the vagueness that being a new meme encompasses. I think we can try and establish relations with writers and editors now, but until we have something more than 'this is our vision' and we have 2000 members, I don't see us getting traction commiserate to our effort on this front. I think we should look to do our own video, animation and comic strips. We could hold weekly skype calls to brainstorm captions for good photos in the news, to tow our meme along and to push people to the site. That is payoff we can control, but until there's another Copenhagen (System Change not Climate Change) or major this system is killing us moment (BP oil spill?) we're not germain to anything. At best we can get longer pieces published in rather inteligencia left (obscure publications).

    If Chomsky and Pilger and Albert, etc., were to focus on a few contacts, and every member was to back them up over a period of months with regular letters to those editors, then ya, let's do that. But otherwise we've got nothing for this paradigm at this time. Sad but I think, true.

    I think we should find illustrators, animators, video editors and graphic designers, within our ranks and then get them working on weekly bits and pieces that form a continuum of paresoc values. I think we should find a way to pay our own battery of animators-illustrators.

  • 17th Jul 2012

    We should really start getting a hashtag going on twitter, it will help us find each other there... it is a very important place for IOPS to be. I think #IOPsoc works well. There are a few other uses for just #IOPS. We should also get a list of members on twitter. If we get a bit of momentum there it can easily jump to other media (we can also plan to mass tweet at certain outlets)

    I am @austingmackell on twitter.

  • Ariel Kasler 28th Jul 2012

    To turn this theme on it's head, another idea would be to interview important leftist intellectuals or activists who are not affiliated with iops, and then post the interviews on the iops site. This could be done either by an individual, or in a more interactive way by a group of iops members.

    These interviews could bring iops to the attention of those interviewed, help with SEO, and facilitate discussion within the iops community and between our community and people who may not be familiar with iops.