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Member 2 Member Video with IOPS-NYC chapter

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This is part of the Participate!IOPS member2member interview campaign to encourage personal testimonials. There are thousands of IOPS members around the world, we want everyone to know the wonderful people who make NYC-IOPS tick. We hope this inspires other members to do interviews with chapters or individuals and in that way we can get to know everyone better and build a new world together! 




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  • Peter Lach-Newinsky 5th Oct 2014

    Great idea, Jon, really great. Thanks for this. We need more of it. Really humanizes/personalizes the joint.

  • Jane Johnson 5th Oct 2014

    Yeah, great work Jon! This is just what we need. Like the idea of the kitten councils too :)

    Big thanks to Jermaine for doing the first Participate!IOPS Member2Member interview.

    Quote from interview:

    "Online members mean nothing. We have to go into communities and we have to start finding safe spaces to discuss our ideas with people... real people, not just the same people we see everyday. And until we start doing that, nothing will happen"

  • Max H 8th Oct 2014

    Thank you, this is really great

  • Johannes 12th Oct 2014

    Thanks a lot for making this! Inspiring!

    «Organizing is hard… you shouldn't be discouraged if it's not immediately rewarding.»

    That's one great reminder!

    Also, good singing! ;)

  • Alex of... 12th Oct 2014

    down to earth, thanks.

    the feelings of isolation, and formation of APOC, reminds me of the revelations regarding The Personal is Political. the need for affinity groups to create a more honest environment at times when even radical groups are dominated by the same established hierarchies that “we” seek to overcome. even tho clearly connected to the movement of movements (as Now terms go), a need to empower within that space first so mutual relevance can be realized.

    going into the community or finding a place for the community to come to you resonates well. creating space to branch out, application to specific needs, general access for participation and empowerment. this is reminding me of the descriptions in Horizontalism (Voices of Popular Power in Argentina) creating a “space for autonomous thought and reflection.”

    a quote from the book intro:

    “Our relationships are deeply affected by the power dynamics of capitalism and hierarchy, which operate in our collective and creative spaces, especially in how we relate to one another in terms of economic resources, gender, race, access to information and experience. We see this arise often in our meetings, assemblies, activities, and actions. While usually not intentional, power based in various sorts of privileges often comes up and can silence others in a group or movement. As a result, until these fundamental social dynamics are overcome, the goal of horizontalidad cannot be achieved. Simply desiring egalitarian relationships does not make them so.”

    was also recently reading a bit (in zine Fifth Estate) about a DIY, communal houselhold in Spokane WA called Dirty Yeti that caters to global travellers, from artists and bands to Food Not Bombs. in this, new ideas are exchanged and relationships built. find this another brilliant idea for shared space, as lived, not just theoretical.

  • James Green 16th Oct 2014

    Hey Jermaine, Jon. I love it. I hope we get to see more of these.