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How to create an event

To create an event, go to the Events page and click 'Create an Event' in the left menu. You will see the create an event form:

  1. Event Title: Enter the title of the event
  2. Short Title: Enter a unique short title. Less than three words if possible.
  3. Category: Enter a category for the event.
  4. Picture: Click browse to add an image of the event.
  5. Start Date: Select the start date and time of the event.
  6. End Date: Select the end date and time of the event.
  7. Repeating: Choose if you wish the event to repeat and the frequency.
  8. Venue: Enter the name of the venue where the event is taking place e.g. London Community Centre
  9. Adddress: Enter the full address of the event, including the post code, if known.
  10. Event Description: Enter details of the event here.
  11. Post in: Select which chapters you wish the event to be displayed in.
  12. Invite Members: Choose the members you wish to send an event invite to by selecting them. The dropdown menu allows you to view members of various chapters that you belong to. You can also search for members using the search field.
  13. Post: Click post when you are ready to publish the event.