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Non-Member Survey - Update

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This blog was co-authored by Lambert Meertens and Jane Johnson.

The survey for non-member visitors to our website has been up now for 9 months. In that time we have collected 62 fully-filled out questionnaires. We aim to reach 100 responses before we end the survey and carry out an analysis of the results, which we'll publish on the website. At the current response rate we hope to have collected 100 full responses by early 2014.

The survey is anonymous, although we do have access to the Internet Protocol address (IP address) of all respondents, which provides us with information about their geolocation. So, whilst we don't know the nationality of respondents, we do know that they have been located all around the world including in: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and the US. The largest number of responses has so far come from the United States and the United Kingdom – not unexpected, given the much larger numbers of IOPS members from these countries.

The trend for a low number of female respondents, as noted in our earlier blog about the survey, has continued. Of the total of 62 respondents, just 16 are female. The rest of the respondents are male, apart from one participant who described themselves as gender nonconforming. We continue to wonder if somehow the present website has less appeal to women than men, making them less inclined to investigate in more detail. Given the urgent need to increase female participation, in order to meet our founding convention targets, we think this is certainly something that deserves further investigation.

We have decided not to publish any results at this stage, as we do not want to cause possible bias to future responses. We would, however, like to leave you with some of the positive comments made by respondents:

"I am very happy to have found out about IOPS; it is what I have been looking for. It is what the world needs."

"I was uplifted at the discovery of this organisation. I've shared it on Facebook and told my sons as it's of interest to them."

"My middle son Joe is very interested in working through IOPS to accomplish good in Berkeley, California. I want to follow Joe's lead here in the Oregon area."  [We have changed the name of the respondent's son as well as place names to protect this member's identity]

"Very excited by the vision. Hoping for concrete development soon."

"It was while I was reading 'Forcing down Evo Morales's plane was an act of air piracy' by Mr. Pilger that I came across this inspiring organization. If it wasn't for Mr. Pilger's article, I'd not have came across this invaluable thing, so thank you Mr. Pilger. I'm so very much pleased to know that such a visionary organization exists in this cruel and greedy world. Last, but not least, I'd like to be part of it  [IOPS] and help it for all what I can to get its visions realized."

We think comments like these give us reason to feel optimistic about the future of IOPS, as we hope you do too.

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  • Mark Evans 5th Sep 2013

    Thanks for sharing Jane / Lambert - I look forward to seeing the full results!

  • Joseph Essertier 5th Sep 2013

    Again, the need to make this site more appealing to women, yes. And good to hear that others are inspired by the idea, too.

  • Lambert Meertens 6th Sep 2013

    We'd like to follow up on the present research by investigating whether there are issues with the IOPS website that make it less appealing to women (and if so, identifying what they are). Ideas on how to approach this with our limited means and without introducing bias will be welcome.

  • Johannes 7th Sep 2013

    Very valuable work – thanks for the update!

  • Will Henry Lapinel 7th Sep 2013

    Great little post - thanks for filling us in on the progress!