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UK Uncut Action

Event Information
Date: Saturday, 28th June 2014
Time: 15:00 - 20:00
Repeating: none
Category: Rallies

UK Uncut have planned an action for this Saturday 28th June, starting at 3pm from 107 Victoria Street London, SW1E 6RA. The IOPs London meetup spot will be at the front steps of the Cathedral Piazza on Victoria Street at 2.45pm. See the map here.

"The Government won’t make Boots pay, so we will!

Boots have dodged £1.3bn in Tax since 2007.

That’s £1.3bn of our money that could be spent on safe homes, schools, hospitals, women’s services, legal aid and keeping our NHS public.The tax dodged by Boots alone could pay for 78,000 nurses or 5.2m ambulance calls.

Despite numerous calls for an investigation, HMRC are not interested in looking into Boots’ dodgy tax deals. The Government refuse to make them pay yet continue to slash our much needed health and welfare services saying there is no money left.

Don’t just get angry, get your football boots ready, get your kit on, pull your socks up and join UK Uncut for a football-themed action.

Follow #BootOutBoots on the day for a SURPRISE... 

See you on the streets!

This is action is taking place in London, if you want to take part in one near you you can organise it through the UK Uncut website.Have a look at these tips for how to organise an action, and list it here.

Like at all UK Uncut actions, it's realy important that you know your rights. Have a look at this blog to stay safe on the day." - UK Uncut 

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Venue: 107 Victoria Street London SW1E 6RA
Address: 107 Victoria Street London SW1E 6RA
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