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Poll on IOPS Future

Closed start: 23 June 2014 end: 23 July 2014 by: Johannes 193 comments:

As you know, the deadline for our interim targets for moving toward a founding convention was June 12. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in meeting these targets. In preparation for this situation, in the weeks leading up to the deadline, various members of the ICC discussed options for what to do next, and then there was a tally of views of the ICC. Two proposals were presented to all ICC members for that tally.

Proposal one

The targets for interim IOPS, prerequisite to holding a founding convention, remain in place until met. Once these targets have been met the functioning local chapters and national branches take control of IOPS in accord with the IOPS shared commitment to self-management.

Proposal two

Having reached the number of members we aimed to have before a founding convention, eliminate the goal of having more chapters before a convention, and declare ourselves ready to organize a founding convention. Mandate the functioning local chapters and national branches to now develop a structure and plan to take control of IOPS in accord with our shared commitment to self-management.


  • Support for proposal one = 11
  • Support for proposal two = 12
  • Abstention = 2
  • No replies = 27

As you can see, there was low engagement by ICC members. Also, this topic proved controversial amongst ICC members who did vote. Therefore, in line with the procedures laid out in the Interim Committee document, the choice is turned into the following poll for all members to register their preferences and to try to reveal sentiments and discover a path forward.

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