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Preconditions for the IOPS Founding Convention

Closed start: 7 March 2013 end: 7 April 2013 by: Jason Chrysostomou 187 comments:

We would like to invite you to participate in this extremely important poll. The poll has been setup by the IOPS Interim Consultative Committee (ICC), following on from months of online discussion around preconditions or targets to reach for holding a future international founding convention. As you are aware, IOPS was created in an interim stage and the results of this poll will determine the conditions to reach in order to hold the founding convention.

Your participation in the poll is essential. This is the next step in turning IOPS into a real organization. Everyone's vote is needed, as precursor to everyone's increased and lasting involvement.

Please note, that your vote is anonymous and you are able to change your vote anytime before the closing date of the poll, if you wish. The results of the poll will only be visible once the poll has closed, however, there will be a running tally of the total number of members who have voted, visible all the time. For the time being we also ask that no new opinion polls are created until this important poll on convention targets has ended.

If you would like to add further translations of the poll into other languages, please send to: translations@iopsociety.org

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