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Improving the Joining Process (completed)

Project Information
Created on: 20th August 2014

The recently published IOPS Non-Member Survey Report ended with four conclusions, two of which were:

● We need to be more explicit how prospective members will be able to contribute concretely towards the IOPS mission. (This should be much more specific than the “Getting Involved” texts.)

● We need to have something more specific to offer to activists who are already very engaged in activism and cannot be expected to free time for organizing for IOPS. (Cf. the ”Why join IOPS” Q&A, which states: “You probably shouldn't diminish other pursuits based on joining IOPS. Nor will you need to.”)

With these conclusions in mind, this project aims at improving the process of becoming a member of IOPS. We will initially focus on improvements that can be realized immediately or at least in the short term, such as reviewing and revising texts related to the joining process.

The project is open to any member who wishes to contribute.

Some rules and conventions to be used are discussed in the topic Rules and Conventions.

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