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The Local & Regional Chapter Forum and Project Project

Project Information
Created on: 5th June 2012

Project Description Revised August 2014


Members of this project commit to creating chapter-specific content for their local or regional chapter page, and working with their provisional chapter administrator(s) to make their page a welcoming place, including creating and maintaining local and regional forums and projects, depending on how your area is organizing itself.  This project is also appropriate for admins, whether country-al, regional or local.


Here are some examples of local content -- two forum topics and one local project:


As you can see from the first two examples (follow the links), creating forum topics is only one step to intiating or improving participation at the local and regional level, and it's probably the easiest.  But if that's all you do, you needn't bother, likely no one will see your hard work. 


So, what else do you need to do?  If your chapter is small (less than five people), you will probably want to focus initially on introducing your friends, neighbors and like-minded acquaintances to the IOPS Mission and Vision, and asking them to consider joining.  Doing this is not easy; it may take time, careful study, repeated explanation, and springing for a few coffees or beers.  Expect disappointment, but don't be afraid you are "wasting time" in this effort, even when others do not respond as you had hoped.  IOPS is not for everyone, at least not yet.

As your chapter grows, you and your chapter mates will need to reach out to each other on a personal level and try sincerely to get to know one another.  Nothing encourages meaningful participation more effectively, or better discourages negativity.  You will also need to protect and encourage minority voices, and be diligent about posting local content that might seem to many, even to you, to be very unimportant, even dull, such as meeting agendas, chapter reports, project evaluations, member interviews and the like.  However, over time, such activity and content can provide your chapter with a much needed sense of continuity, which can act as a kind of organizational "glue."  Also, the reports themselves are immeasurably useful in maintaining group focus and structure, something you probably value or you wouldn't have joined this project.

Please resist the temptation to post local and regional chapter content on the international page unless it is truly relevant internationally.

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