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Project Status June 2012

Sarah Owens
9th Jun 2012

So, this project started as "a massive...drive for April with a goal of...1000 new members."  By my calculations, IOPS added 980 members during April (started with 468 March 31st, finished with 1,448 April 30th). 

I'd like to suggest we (meaning, I suppose, Cheri, who began the project) not stop there, as we appear to have done, but revise the project statement, invite others to join the project, and continue the "drive" for new members by sharing ideas and strategies, and, very importantly, sharing our experiences so that we may all learn from them.  What do you think?  Cheri?  Would you be willing to revise the project statement for us?  (You're the only one who can do this.)  Or would you or the current membership prefer someone (me, for instance) start a new project, so that only those interested in continuing can "re-up."    

6/25 Update:  Cheri has not responded to IOPS messages, emails to her Yahoo account, a post to her Facebook page, and her Media Magic enterprise phone number is non-working. 

6/30 Update:   Cheri reported yesterday that her 2 Yahoo accounts and her Facebook account were hacked, she forgot her password to her IOPS account, and she is now "back."