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Who we are

The world is suffering from many problems: poverty, war, ecological disasters, racism, and so on. But if enough people join forces to build another world, together we will succeed.

We are a group of people engaged in the struggle for a better world. Together, we are building an organization dedicated to global revolution, called the International Organization for a Participatory Society (IOPS). For more about us, watch our introductory video, scroll through our slideshow and read more here: About IOPS.


We seek to win a new participatory society based on solidarity, equity/justice, diversity, self-management, and ecological stewardship, through:

  • flexibly exploring and advocating long-term vision
  • planting the seeds of the future in the present
  • empowering the lives of our members
  • organizing in an internally classless and self-managing way
  • winning changes in society that improve the lives of people in the present

Read our mission statement.


IOPS flexibly explores and organizes around a long-term vision of the broad features of a participatory society that centrally addresses:

  • Economics
  • Politics
  • Culture/Race
  • Kinship/Gender
  • Ecology
  • International Relations

Read our vision statement.


To give every member a proportional say in decisions affecting them (self-management), we are organizing in a bottom-up structure, aiming to become a federation of local, regional and national branches.

Local chapters are self-managing and have proportional say in regional, national and international issues.

Read our structure and program statement.


Currently, we are in a building-up stage. In due time we will take
decisions to determine further organizational details.

IOPS is open to anyone wishing to join who shares the commitments in the organizational description and wants to actively participate in the life of the organization. If you have any questions before joining, please see:

To become a member, Join IOPS.

Latest News

I wrote a book about my life as a researcher, humanitarian, mankind rights movent activist and anti drug activist

Am carrently looking for a sponser and a publisher to help me with the editing of my life story as a researcher , humanitarian, mankind rights movement globally activist , gentleman rights movement globally and a anti drug activist looking…

Fair well Sir Senate John Mccain you will always be in our hearts

Today when i received the sad news about our loss as American people and the global communities , about the passing of Sir Senate John Mccain i lost taste in my food, air which i breath felt like it was poluted the water i had i was bitter…

Kofi Annan rest in peace, you will never be forgotten

Kofi Atta Annan was a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, from January 1997 to December 2006. Annan and the UN were the co-recipients of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. Died: 18 August 2018, Bern,…

The way to happiness boolets unitying mankind. ever since the way to happiness is introduced i see drop in crime in some areas of South Africa

A lot of area or communities in South Africa which received the way to happiness booklets i saw a big change in a positive way crime is droping they people of the community from different tribes, religion, color skin and political movements…

The Truth about drugs booklet preventing youth to turn to drugs

The truth about drugs is a educational program which educate people about dangers of taking drugs since i started this program in my community alot of young people are involed in schools activities and parents are taking part in their kids…

Selection of the Adjudication Committee

Closed end: 21 January 2017

The purpose of this poll is to select the adjudication committee, in accordance with the decisions of the September 2016 poll on the makeover proposals.The…


Candidate Sarah Owens:

Yes (10)
No (0)
Abstain (0)

Total: 10

Candidate Ann Ferguson:

Yes (9)
No (1)
Abstain (0)

Total: 10

Candidate Perr Mille:

Yes (8)
No (1)
Abstain (0)

Total: 9

Candidate Howard Goldson:

Yes (9)
No (1)
Abstain (0)

Total: 10

Candidate Verena Stresing:

Yes (10)
No (0)
Abstain (0)

Total: 10

Candidate Kathryn Kang:

Yes (9)
No (1)
Abstain (0)

Total: 10

Candidate Claire Bruhn:

Yes (10)
No (0)
Abstain (0)

Total: 10

Candidate Matic Primc:

Yes (9)
No (1)
Abstain (0)

Total: 10

Candidate Joe McKay:

Yes (10)
No (0)
Abstain (0)

Total: 10

Total Number of Voters: 10

Ready for a Change

by Leif Lønne

No more bosses

by Antonio Carty


by Claire Bruhn

Class War

by IOPS Melbourne


Here are some interviews with members about IOPS including Cynthia PetersDavid MartyElizabeth MeadeFlorian Zollmann, Jermaine ChambersJustin Podur, Michael Albert (20122014), Noam ChomskyPaul Street and Verena Stresing.

You can find further testimonials of members here.

There is also an open letter from our consultative committee including Eva Golinger, John Pilger, Vandana Shiva and others which can be found here.

Entradas Recientes


Verfassungsschutz!   I. Z. Nessuno-Raskolnikov (2018)   Ich habe mal wieder "News" gegoogelt um "Fak(e)ten" aus dem Dampf narrativer Nuancen zu kondensieren. Axel Springer’s DIE WELT (Reuters/dpa/cba) hat dann mit "Parallelgesellschaft"…

We are moving to a people-first economy. Join us!

Your invitation is here. The above invitation is from me, as the founder and CEO (i.e. nobody in particular) Imagine it coming from someone with a profile like Noam Chomsky or Danny Glover (as Global Ambassador), who has the potential to unite…

Lets save youth from drugs

My eyes have seen things, u have not , my heart has burned in ways yours will not, my soul has bled in ways yours will not, The have nots , canot and the will nots are the sheep of our nation, They sleep without fear because i am the wolf that…

La Raison

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Précision du vocabulaire «  Le penseur a besoin de l’imagination, de l’élan de l’abstraction, de l’élévation au-dessus des sens, de l’invention, du pressentiment, de…


L'économie-politique actuelle se caractérise, entre autres, par : - un dilemme inévitable dû au degré de complexité de nos sociétés : toute représentation intellectuelle est…

Deutschland erwache!

Deutschland erwache!I. Z. Nessuno-Raskolnikov (2018) Prolog Deutschland erwache!K. Tucholsky (1930)Daß sie ein Grab dir graben,dass sie mit Fürstengelddas Land verwildert haben,dass Stadt um Stadt verfällt ...Sie wollen…

2018 Global Forum

What do people think about this? Should we get involved and attend? https://2018globalforum.com

Proyectos más recientes

Global Flag

This flag my remind mankind globally that we all one even if we have different color skin, or speak different languges or have different religion but we all at the end wanna be loved and feel safe on…

Restore the life of the ex drug addict and they didnt turn to crime to feed the habit but they recycled

How do u we restore the life of a person who use to be a drug user or they lost their job because of drug addiction and they didnt turn to crime to feed the drug habit but they did recycling, as a reseacher…

Latest IOPS proposals

No proposals have yet been submitted using the newly introduced process. Go here to get instructions on how to create a proposal.

Proposed projects

Below are links to project proposals that are awaiting enough support. If you support the idea, please leave a comment under the proposal.

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