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IOPS NYC Banner making and MayDay march plans

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On Sunday we created a great IOPS banner at the Base in Brooklyn! Great job to IOPS-NYC members for the artistic effort. Thanks to the good folks at the base for the space and the stencils.


A couple of us should be out all day for mayday please message me through the site you want to join in any of the events. Also if you know of other events we should participate in please put them in the comments!



Hope you like the photos of our banner!

See you in the streets for International Workers day! 



in struggle, 


















11:30AM: Action at The Capital Grille. 155 42nd St (between Lexington and 3rd Ave) Please try and come to this if you can! It's during the day, so it's harder to get people out.  Workers at The Capital Grille continue their fight against discrimination and exploitation. It's been ongoing for over two years. Join us in a show of strength. 



12pm – The Base begins tabling at Union Square. http://www.thebasebk.org

12:30PM: Gather at Washington Square Park for the Immigrant Worker Justice Tour. Tour will start at 1pm. It's going to end up at Union Square. We'll head off to over a dozen targets throughout Lower Manhattan to demand an end to wage theft, exploitation, inhumane and unsafe working conditions, privatization, the deportation, detention and criminalization of immigrant communities, and attacks on people of color and the poor both here and abroad. 



3-4PM: Sign making at ROC-NY (restaurant opportunities center) office. 

4:30PM: Rally at Union Square. Meet inside the park at Union Square W and 15th St. Other worker center and radical immigrant organizations will be there marching as a bloc. 

5:30PM: March with the bloc of worker center and radical immigrant organizations.  Word is they're marching East on 14th street.



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  • Kim Keyser 29th Apr 2014

    Heh. The normal perspective of the world turned 180 degrees looks like a smiley, and for once North America is giving us a kiss! Good luck!

  • Johannes 1st May 2014

    Very happy to see your efforts! I hope you'll have a great May Day! Let us know how it went!

  • Preeti Kaur 8th May 2014

    I hope May Day went well and I hope we're able to schedule a Skype conversation between IOPS-NYC and IOPS London chapters soon!

  • Gregory VanGaya 8th May 2014

    Thanks for your efforts. Good to see we're not giving up. And you certainly covered what we're against.