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Photos from Riot Folk, Ryan Harvey IOPS-NYC cultural event

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Photos from IOPS-NYC's first brooklyn cultural event:  

(this event happened on Sat, January 19th at the Brass Bottle Bar in Bushwick) 




IOPS-NYC member presenting on the Transpacific Partnership agreement






Ryan Harvey of Riot Folk playing "Songs from the Global Uprisings" 





NYC-IOPS chapter member presenting on Parecon. 



Coordinators of The Base presenting on their new movement and organizing space in Bushwick, BK, NY.





Discussion 2 Comments

  • Timothy Erik Ström 27th Feb 2014

    Congratulations on what looks like it was a fun and informative night.

    At IOPS Victoria, Australia, we are involved in a campaign against the Trans-pacific Partnership too. In fact, I think IOPS is well placed to take up this campaign in a bigger way.
    We've the advantage of being a part of a global organization with members in 11 of the 12 TPP states — with the exception of Brunei. Admittedly, our presence in the majority of those countries is tiny, and there are few active chapters, yet I think this could potentially be a galvanizing issue.

    And plus, there's the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, which is, as I'm sure you're aware, a similar beast. Taken together, that involves the majority of countries that IOPS members...

    I think I should probably write this up as a larger blog post.

  • Dave Jones 7th Mar 2014

    You really should Timothy, including the push by Big Global Energy to open Europe up to shale gas drilling. Especially in the Ukraine. Coincidence? Don't think so.

    Great gathering in NYC, congrats.