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Tabling at Willamette University 2014 Activities & Resources Expo

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Thanks to Willamette University here in Salem, Oregon, for allowing IOPS Salem to participate in yesterday's 2014 Activites and Resources Expo.  The organizers were awesome and the evening was beautiful!  Thanks, too, to all the students who stopped by the IOPS table.  If you have found us here on our chapter page and have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you.  Just contact Sarah at 503-302-5819 or hlowens@msn.com

By popular demand, we will now relate a few more details.  Our set up was pretty simple, in keeping with the tables around us.  Our tomatoes and green beans did not compete especially well with the giant chocolate chip cookie tables, but we didn't too bad, talking to 20 people in the first hour.  Traffic at all the tables dropped dramatically at 5:30 -- with no one stopping between 5:30 and 6, so we closed up shop half an hour early.  


The Hello is printed on the shirts, isn't that cool?  Thanks to Brad-Lee Nichols in Maine for the image.

We decided Michael would man the table and I would sit in the Adirondack across the aisle.


This is the back of the shirt (and my chair in the background).


Michael talking to the table next to us, Take a Break.  Students register to go to small groups around the country to engage in "social justice" projects and community action on their spring break.


Michael asking questions about the Take a Break initiative.


Suggesting interested students could start a campus group, but are welcome to come to the "townie" meetings as well.


Okay!  Two anti-capitalists!


These students smiled when Michael told them that IOPS is about an alternative to capitalism.


This was a pleasant fellow who was interested to hear that someone was working on an alternative to capitalism, and was serious about it.


A fellow revolutionary relating to the revolutionary aspects of the IOPS program.


Also a rock musician.


Listened, took our information, but didn't say anything.


This young woman related to IOPS belief in the non-sustainability of capitalism.

We both felt it was a positive experience. Don't know if any students will sign up, but that's okay. 

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  • Sarah Owens 6th Sep 2014

    Here's a comment received by email:

    As Otto Bauer, a once famous Austrian socialist would have said, "this is how you make a revolution in small steps!" Thanks for the hard work and excellent photos.

    For anyone interested in the impact of the outbreak of WWI on the European left, I've published an essay in the Sept/Oct issue of Against the Current. Here is the link: http://solidarity-us.org/atc/current

    Even if you aren't interested in WWI, the new edition of the magazine is very good and has an excellent editorial on climate change.

  • Sarah Owens 6th Sep 2014

    Here's a more direct link to the article: http://solidarity-us.org/node/4240

  • Johannes 19th Sep 2014

    Very glad to learn about your initiative. Great work!

    • Sarah Owens 19th Sep 2014

      Thanks, Johannes, much to my surprise, we felt pretty positive about the experience, and will be looking into other tabling opportunities on campus. Speaking of which, we'd love to have some stories to tell about our activities, may we hope for a report about your efforts in Spain before too long? I think that's where you're focused at the moment, no?