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IOPS Salem Chapter Meeting #13

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14 September 2014


In attendance:    Bettijo Bucklin, John Bucklin, Jaqui Eicher (formerly Forney),  Bill Smaldone, Cheri Tebeau, Michael Tom, Michael Livingston, Sarah Owens

Absent: Sara Cromwell


Guest: Katy Bayless

1:00 to 2:00 - Refreshment and Social Hour with guest Katy Bayless.

2:00 - Report (Sarah) and Q&A on the the active chapter work group’s activities: ground to a halt.  Progress on the "What Happened" blog is slow and tedious due to the nature of the information we are seeking, namely things like attendance, retention, organizational formalities, etc.  


~2:05 Report (Michael) status of ICC response to completed “Poll on IOPS Future”: nothing so far with future prospects for meaningful guidance low and doomed wheel-reinventing efforts high. 

Action item: consider forming a formal alliance with established organizations with substantially similar politics, such as Solidarity or Democratic Socialists of America (everyone).

~2:10 Report (Michael) on WU Expo (already reported as a News item).

~2:15 Report on KMUZ.  Bill reported recent developments concerning the progress of moving the translator down the valley.  Sarah reported she had failed to achieve the action item to find out more about KMUZ volunteer opportunities.  Delegated to Jaqui.

~2:20 Report (Sarah) status of finances: $650 in Pioneer Trust account, less $25 liability for Expo table.

Dues collected.  Next meeting date set for Saturday, 25 October 2014, usual place and time. 


~2:30 Adjourn.   Said good bye to Katy who could not stay for the discussion.


After the meeting we moved into the planned discussion, led by Jaqui, of chapters 29 and 31 of Imagine: Living in a Socialist USAUpdate:  at our next meeting, Cheri and Michael will lead a discussion of "The Working-Class Majority" by Michael Zweig.  Following the discussion, Jo presented to Jaqui, on behalf of the chapter, a "No-Longer-Going-Away" gift to remember us by. 


  Jaqui and Jo

The chapter is very happy Jaqui is not moving to Seattle

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